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Melinda Waddell - Fit Connections Founder


Welcome to our FitConnectionsCommunity. It will only be as good as we all make it.


Have fun while getting fit
get dirty and sweaty sometimes
train functionally
have loads of variety in your training
have somewhere “no-frills” to be supported by friends who are almost as excited as you are when you achieve your goals.

Our training is hard but at Fit Connections we’ll make sure it’s achievable for you, whatever your current level of fitness. Come and join us to get the best tools to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. We may or may not be for you, but come and try us out for a while to find out. (If you are looking for a slick gym with plenty of cardio equipment, lots of mirrors, and a group of staff who  only smile at you when they think you may spend money with them, then we aren’t for you). Come and beat down our (roller) door if you want to.

Fitness and Health


The FitConnections community will be as good as we all make it. You are amongst friends who share your passion to live a full, active life.
For some it is through strength training, resistance training, crossfit workouts, kettlebell exercises, going to bootcamps, obstacle racing, extreme sports, mma (mixed martial arts); for others it’s through yoga, pilates, zumba, tai chi, dance; some love running, swimming, cycling, athletics; and then there’s the whole world of Team Sports of every kind.
Then, of course, there are the real “crazies” who try to fit in a combination of the lot – yep, we luv ya too! We’re a little bit crazy ourselves.
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In the news

Fit Connections is offering a 14 Day Fitness JumpStart Program for only $28. Try us out for 2 weeks in January to make the best fitness decision for you in 2016
Fit Connections’ is renowned for its’ Fitness Challenges & Blitz’s. Just in time for Summer, we’ve unleashed our own special brand of fitness challenge, a quick and achievable 28 day Summer Shape Up Challenge to boost your Fitness and have you pumping & excited about heading into your Holiday season. Our Summer Shape Up Challenge



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